Joovy Kooper Umbrella Stroller, Appletree
Price: $129.99
  • Modern new style super compact umbrella fold buggy
  • Sleek new aluminum tubing, quick release wheels plus two adult cup holders and zippered pocket
  • Fabulous1680 D fabric on multilpe reclining position seat with two mesh pockets
  • Extra large deluxe sun canopy with window, Storage basket and one step linked parking brake
  • One-step link parking brake


Maclaren Volo Stroller, Black
Price: $130.00
  • Lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Quick and easy compact fold with adjustable shoulder carry strap
  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness for maximum security
  • Foot-operated linked parking brakes
  • Removable washable seat


UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller, Denny
Price: $189.99
  • Light weight aluminum frame, ergonomic tall handles, convenient carry strap
  • Shock absorbing front and rear suspension, larger wheels for a smoother ride
  • Canopy extension featuring spf 50 sun protection
  • Convenient one hand recline; stroller stands when folded
  • Easy access basket, cup holder attachment


Mia Moda Veloce Stroller, Pink
Price: $119.95
  • Lightweight durable aluminum frame
  • Full coverage sun canopy
  • 5-position seat recline
  • Parent cup holder
  • 5-point safety harness


Inglesina 2012 Swift Stroller, Mela
Price: $119.99
  • Practical, umbrella closing stroller
  • Ergonomic soft-touch handles for easy maneuverability
  • Reclining, four-position backrest for maximum comfort of the baby
  • Convenient carry handle for easy use and storage on the go
  • Surprisingly roomy storage basket


Best Lightweight Stroller – The Best Baby Stroller Reviews and Ratings

You made the smart choice to look for a lightweight stroller, now you have to decide which one is the best lightweight stroller for your baby. The stroller reviews on our site will help you with that as we have reviewed many of the best lightweight strollers out there. We’ll tell you the pros and cons of each one of them and also help you find the actual best price for your new baby stroller.

What exactly is a lightweight stroller?

Lightweight baby strollers have evolved a lot from the basic umbrella stroller a few years ago. Today’s best lightweight strollers have many of the same features as the larger and heavier strollers, but the lightweight versions are obviously much easier for travel and quick trips for shopping or for a bit of fresh air. The main benefit of a lightweight stroller is obviously its light weight.

What makes it the best lightweight stroller?

The best lightweight strollers are very light (weighing 20 pounds or less) but still feature-heavy, allowing your baby to ride safe and in style with very easy handling for you. Additionally, the best lightweight stroller needs to be very compact, so that you can easily stash it in your trunk without taking up too much space in there. Easy handling not only saves you time while taking the stroller out or putting it away. Since you don’t have to spend much time taking the stroller out or putting it away you can concentrate more on your baby which definitely also increases your baby’s safety. You don’t want to take your hand and eyes off you little one for too long after all 😉

How to choose the best lightweight stroller?

Finding the best lightweight stroller can be a difficult task, especially if you never bought one before. Strollers can be quite a big investment for many parents, but choosing the wrong stroller would not just mean you are wasting money. The wrong stroller can also be a real source of frustration and aggravation and therefore even affect how often you and your baby get out of the house. And you don’t really want to be frustrated and maybe start swearing with your baby right next to you, don’t you? One really important thing to consider are the opinions and advice of other parents that are already using the strollers. These will definitely help you make the right buying decision and we have those customer reviews for you included on the review pages.

The weight you need to calculate is the strollers weight plus the weight of your baby. When you’re looking at the product information of the best lightweight strollers, make sure to calculate the weight of your baby plus the strollers weight. Yes, your baby’s weight is changing and you might have to guess it if your child is not even born yet. But nonetheless, you have to calculate the baby’s weight in. So even if the strollers weight seems light enough, make sure it will still be light enough once you add your little one. And don’t forget the diaper bag, your purse, additional grocery bags and other stuff you might carry with your new stroller. You see why it is so important to find the really best lightweight stroller. Many baby strollers might be fine when you check them out in the shop but will simply be far too heavy to handle once you add in everything else.

You need a lightweight stroller – Not a fragile one

Some stroller manufacturer’s save weight by cutting out a lot of the rather important features. The padding for your baby’s comfort, sturdy and properly sized canopies, enough and well designed storage space and properly functioning wheels are just some examples. When you’re looking for the best lightweight stroller make sure to check these things. While weight is a very important thing to consider, you don’t want to buy a stroller that bounces around too much or forces you to hang your diaper bag on the handlebar. What if it doesn’t protect your little one from the sun or rain properly?

Lightweight is not the same as easy to carry

Since you are specifically looking for the best lightweight stroller, you probably want to carry it around sometimes or you will have to take it in and out of a car trunk regularly. Many city Moms are looking for the best lightweight stroller simply so that they can get it up and down apartment stairs or the subway entrance.

So you have to make sure apart from it being lightweight your stroller is also very easy to fold and carry. The best lightweight stroller is one that you can fold with one hand, therefore having your other hand to hold the baby. It also helps a lot if the stroller can stand on its own and does not need anything to lean against.

You see, choosing the best lightweight stroller can be a daunting task. But with our best lightweight stroller reviews and the opinions and comments of their users it should be rather easy for you now

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